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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Soccer Drills >> Cone Race Drill

Youth Soccer Drills - Cone Race Drill

Purpose: Great drill for teaching players to kick the ball and follow it all the way to the goal.

All players have a ball and start in a line at one end of the field. At the other end of the field (30 or 40 yards away) set up 10 cones in a small circle. At the whistle have all players kick their ball as hard as they can and run after it. The players need to keep kicking and running until they get to the other end of the field. Once they get to the cones and the end of the field, they need to kick the ball through the cones until the knock them all down. Once all of the cones have been knocked down then they race back to the other end of the field. (Variation - set up two or three defenders between the players and the cones.)

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