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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Soccer Drills >> Gotcha Drill

Youth Soccer Drills - Gotcha Drill

Purpose: Great drill for working on conditioning, dribbling, passing and aggressiveness.

Each player will need a ball. Player "1" is "it" and is the only player to start with a ball. All of the other players are around the outside of the grid area. Player "1" dribbles and tries to hit the other players below the waist with the ball. When hit, that player gets a ball and joins player "1". The game is over when all players have been caught. The last player caught starts with the ball for the next game. If the task is to difficult for one player at the beginning of the game, start with two players. Encourage deceptive passing of the ball, look one-way and pass the other, use the outside of the foot. Players not caught should run, jump and use zig-zag movements.

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