Youth Basketball Coaching - Dribbling


  • Game is played from a low stance for quick reactions and movements.
  • Try to keep body between defender and ball
  • Do not step back away from defender (They will attack if they are smart)
  • Keep arm, not used to dribble with, up to protect the ball.

Jab Step

  • A short (about 6" - 8") step at defense as a fake or to force them to move.
  • Should be sharp and not overextended (keep weight balanced).
  • Bring head and shoulders down towards the defender.

Dribbling (Start with ball on right/left hip)

1. Control

Jab right foot, ball dribbled off of right hip, bring left foot forward, left arm up to protect the ball, head up.

2. Speed

  • Push ball out in front of body.
  • Alternating hands to keep ball in center of body, that way the trailer does not know which side to come from. As dribbler you can always go to one side or other when trailer goes to one side.
  • Should be able to go from foul line to foul line in 3 or 4 dribbles.

3. Attack

  • Low stance, weak arm up
  • One-half of body between defender and ball
  • Dribble over back foot.
  • Go directly at defense with head up.

    a.) Jab Attack
    Quick jab step (do not overextend it) if defender does not honor it drive past him and keep going.

    b.) Crossover
    • Jab right (assume defender honors it).
    • Pick up right foot, crossover so that it is placed to top of defender's right foot.
    • Cross ball over low on dribble, go past with left handed dribble.

    c.) Rock move
    While dribbling (right side), jab with left foot, dip to left, keep going to right. Make sure the next step is with the right foot.

    d.) Stutter step
    Feet stuttering very quickly, go right at defender, they will usually back straight up.

** Moves have to be made close enough to the defender to affect him. (i.e. get close and attack.)

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