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Youth Football Coaching - Blocking Principles

Coaching Youth Fooball - Football Plays

Blocking is the cornerstone of a good offensive football team. Teams use blocking to move a defensive man out of an area where they want to run the football and to keep defenders from getting to the quarterback. All players including the quarterback may be used as a blocker at times.

Drive Block

The drive block is a one-on-one block used most often when a defender is lined up directly over an offensive lineman and must be moved in order for the play to succeed. Emphasize the following points to your players.

  • Explode from the stance with the foot closest to the opponent and drive your hips forward on the third and fourth steps.
  • Use short choppy steps and keep the feet moving.
  • Keep the feet wide when delivering the block, keeping the head up and the shoulders square.
  • Punch hands or forearms into the opponent to establish momentum, and deliver the blow on impact.
  • Keep your head on the side of the opponent toward the hole, and follow through with short, choppy steps.

Pass Protection Block

The pass protection block keeps the defender from getting to the quarterback before he can deliver the ball to a receiver.

The initial move and setup technique is extremely important in pass blocking. The lineman must set up quickly, stepping with his inside foot first. The lineman pushes up into a two point stance with his down hand. The movement projects the offensive lineman into a position with his head up, eyes open, back straight, rear end down, hand and arms up, and feet positioned to move back or laterally in a split second.

The lineman must position himself between the quarterback and the defensive pass rusher. He can do this by backing off the line of scrimmage quickly after the snap. Make sure that your linemen know that they should never get beat to their inside.

The blockers must be patient when pass blocking, keeping the legs under him and always remain in a good blocking position. They are not the aggressors while pass blocking.

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