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Controlling the Game Tempo With Match-up

It takes time to effectively attack the match-up zone, if played correctly there are no holes or seams for easy penitration. Teams must over pass to find and an easy shot slowing down the tempo of the offensive team. More passing equates to more opportunities for turnovers. Playing catch up against the match-up zone is extremely difficult.

The match-up zone has one defender guarding the attacker with zone help nearby, driving is minimal, one-on-one situations or minimal and pick and rolls are virtually eliminated.

Types of Match-Ups
Teams can play their match-ups three ways: They can contain; they can lane; or they can pressure. Following is a definition of each:

A team permits perimeter passing while containing, they gain greater coverage inside.

To lane a team, a team places its defenders in the passing lanes. Denying the receiver the ball. This eliminates the rapid reversal of the ball from one side of the court to the other. Teams that employ reverse action as a way to beat the match-up can be laned, but the defensive team must not allow itself to be spread so wide that seams are opened up.

Pressure and stunts offer a third method. Traps are used to force turnovers, and speed up the game. A good time for pressure is when you are down by several points late in the game and the offense trys to stall.

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