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General Basketball Information - Passing

The Good Passer
  1. Has good court awareness - see's everything without looking at anything specific. This includes knowing how much time is on the clock and what the score is. If you need the ball inside, then no sense passing backout to gaurd if little time is left.
  2. Knows when to pass - always keep in mind that the defender is moving.
  3. Knows what type of pass to make
  4. Knows where to pass to (lead a runner or hit target hand).
  5. Anticipates when man will be open so that you can get the pass to him. (This comes from playing in game situations.)

Types of passes (Step into all passes)

Chest Pass

  • Hands on side of ball
  • Extend arms, wrists snap so that palms finish out, thumbs down. (Want backspin on ball - no floaters.)
  • Aim at target.

Bounce Pass

  • Done the same way as the chest pass except the ball is thrown at the ground.
  • The bounce should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the way to the receiver.
  • Backspin causes the ball to bounce up softer for the receiver

Overhead Pass

  • Ball above head (not behind it)
  • Pull the ball down and through, snap wrists.
  • Aim for receivers head

Baseball Pass

  • Hard to control so not recommended
  • Ball tends to curve in air and miss target.

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