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Tennis Grips

How you choose to hold the racquet as a habit has great effect on your stoke itself and it ultimately has a large impact on your game. Following are the basic grips:

  • Continental grip (palm faces down)-it is difficult to achieve killer-forehand power with this grip, although there are a few exceptions.
  • Eastern grip (palm faces forward)-This grip provides good leverage and power, works well with both higher and lower balls in the strike zone, and enables the production of spins and power.
  • Semiwestern grip (palm faces forward and upward)-common is today's pro game, the semiwestern grip offers great power and spin options, especially higher in the stike zone.
  • Extreme western grip (palm faces upward)-This grip is capable of good power and spin on balls higher in the zone, but low balls are difficult to work with.

To have an effective forehand, you must be able to hit balls in all parts of the strike zone. The eastern and semiwestern are the most common, versatile and powerful options overall.

Using the proper grip pressure is important, regardless of your grip. Holding the grip too tightly, a common problem, will restrict your flexibility and tire you out. Keep your hand relaxed between shots and let the racquet do the work for you.


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