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Choosing a Tennis Racket for your child

Tennis racquet manufacturers make frames called junior racquets that come in different lengths. This is referred to as the graduated length method (GLM) for juniors. They usually come in the following designations:

Length Age
21 inches 4-6 years
23 inches 6-8 years
25 inches 8-10 years
26 inches 11 years and older

GLM's shorter frames for smaller, weaker children sounds like a great idea but it doesn't work as well as it sounds. The problem with these Junior Tennis Racquest is in the low quality frames and strings. If you play tennis yourself and have ever used a cheap racquet you will know why you shouldn't introduce your child to tennis with a cheap racquet.

So where do you start? If you are a tennis player yourself you probably have some old frames laying around. Gather a few up and take them to a certified racquet technician. They can test them to see if they can be reduced in length, weight and grip size. They can also restring them for your child at about half of the manufacturers recommended tension. This will give the racquet the necessary power with the least shock, making it easy to hit balls with.

Your other option and probably the best is to buy a good quality adult tennis racquet frame that is considered very light in weight and with a foam-handle grip construction. This frame can probably be cut down to a shorter length. The foam construction handle will allow it to be shaved down to a small grip size. Have it stung to half of the manufacturers recommended tension and good quality grips.

Finding a professional certified racquet technician is problem the most important thing you can due.The professionals can adjust your tennis racquet, strings, and grip so that your equipment performs optimally, fits your needs and reduces injuries.

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