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Youth Football Coaching - Pass Protection

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The primary objective of the offense line in pass situations is to protect the quarterback. Success is measured by the number of passes that are thrown without pressure or obstruction.

Adjustments must be made in body position and techniques when transitioning from run blocking to pass blocking. Run blocking uses forward drive and hip roll, while pass blocking requires the use of lateral and backward movement.

Pre-snap read
The linemen should know where the quarterback is setting up and his assignment according to the alignment of the defense. When blocking a down lineman, he should recognize his alignment and what he does from that alignment. If a blitz is showing, he needs to be aware of what his responsibilities are for picking up the blitz.

Set Up
The manner of setting varies depending on th alignment and capabilities of the opponent in regards to the quarterback drop. The goal of the set is for the lineman to position himself between the rusher and the passer as quickly as possible and as close to the line of scrimmage as possible Set up and maintaining proper foot, body and head position is the foundation for good pass protection.

Teach your linemen to punch with the butt of their hands inside the framework of the defenders body, and aim for the base of the numbers on their jersey. The lineman needs to work up through the man and work for a lockout position. They need to fight pressure with pressure and keep between the rusher and the quarterback.

Body Position
Linemen must be able to position their bodies with their weight low and forward to maintain balance. The block must not allow the defender to get into his body and force him into an upright position. When the block is forced into an upright position, he loses his ability to control the direction of the defender.

The majority of pass plays require protection for only 4 or 5 seconds. Linemen must accept the responsibility of providing whatever time is necessary to get the pass off. They must never quit no matter what kind of breakdowns occur, and should stay with the defender until the whistle blows.


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